Google Will Activate "AI Overviews" Support On Search Engine To Over 1 Billion Users By 2024

With the popularity of artificial intelligence-based generators, one of the things that received drastic changes was the search engine. Many people started using Bing, in addition to ChatGPT itself in searching and asking various questions. This has an impact on Google and its search engine.

In an effort to overcome this, Google has started experimenting with the integration of artificial intelligence-based generator support on the search engine. Today, at Google I/O, Google said it will activate the feature called "AI Overviews" to all users in the United States in the coming weeks, before expanding to more countries in stages.

Google is aiming for around 1 billion users to be activated with this feature by the end of 2024.

Through "AI Overviews", it displays answers generated based on artificial intelligence at the top of the search page, and then various links to the web are placed at the bottom. This at the same time makes it easier for users to get a summary related to something they are looking for.

This move by Google has been criticized by several web publishers - due to the impact on traffic and visitors to their websites, in addition to training and information being withdrawn without any return to the owner of the content. However, with the explosion of artificial intelligence, Google is also seen as not wanting to be left behind and make it easier for their users.

As for you, do you like this new form of search on Google?

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