Government Aims to Give Every Student a Tablet – Facilitating Digital Learning

The Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has now shared that the government aims to provide every student with a tablet, at the same time helping them in their digital learning. The government is now working to achieve the initiative in phases, and implementation may begin as early as 2024.

As many are aware, today various learning can be done digitally - in addition to learning at school. Digital learning is also said to be something that cannot be avoided in this era - but to implement it comprehensively, it is a big challenge in terms of financial commitment by the government.

Due to that, the implementation is expected to be done in stages. According to TPM, in the next four to five years, it is targeted that the majority of students will have their own tablet.

This matter was shared by TPM, at the Teacher's Day celebration held today. The theme of teacher's day for 2024 is "Guru Jauhari Digital, Aspirasi Negara Madani", in line with the commitment to use technology in education.

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