Huawei Watch Fit 3 Review – Compatible Devices For Personal Health

Until now there are various options of basic wearable devices available in the market. Each also has its own advantages in providing an adequate experience for users. Huawei is one of the brands participating in the segment.

Now the device under their Watch Fit series has entered the third generation. It can be said that it is a premium option with a larger and brighter display. In addition to loading a variety of health and fitness features that are more than adequate. So what makes the Huawei Watch Fit 3 interesting? Find out in the review article below.


Huawei Watch Fit 3

Basic Smartwatch Types

1.82″ AMOLED display (480 × 408 pixels)

Brightness 1500 nits, 60Hz

Processor –


Internal Load –

400mAh battery

SIM / Telephony Calls via bluetooth tethering

Sensor Heart rate sensor, blood oxygen, acceleration, gyroscope,

geomagnetic, atmosphere, ambient light

NFC Yes (limited skin version only)

Infrared None

5ATM Resistance Level

Diameter 46.2 x 45 x 11.1 mm

Color Grey, White, Black, Green, Pink

Selling Price RM599 (Fluoroelastomer)

RM699 (Nylon & Leather)


This year Huawei highlighted a more modern design for the new wearable device Watch Fit 3. Detailing the difference between the previous model and now, the front of the Watch Fit 3 has been updated with a square frame with curved sides. It looks completely different from the previous generation which used an elongated rectangular frame.

The Watch Fit 3's body construction is made up of different materials that include 2.5D curved glass on the face and is surrounded by an aluminum alloy frame at a thickness of 9.9mm. We sincerely say that it also feels light on the wrist with a weight of only 26-grams and is comfortable to wear all the time.

Only one size is offered which is 43mm but it feels fine to wear on most wrists. Then the fluoroelastomer, nylon and leather straps provided are available in six color options such as Grey, White (Leather), White, Pink, Green and Black. The process of changing and opening the strap is also easy by just pressing the small dedicated button included on the back as before.

Undoubtedly, this concept is similar to a watch strap produced by Apple and limits users to rely on the strap options provided by the manufacturer only. But don't worry because Huawei has the potential to provide a variety of strap options that can be purchased separately.

Talking about the suitability of the type of rope, it depends on each individual's needs. In this review we used black and pink fluoroelastomer straps. It comes with a soft and comfortable texture on the skin even when worn for a long time. This watch strap is also equipped with many holes that allow us to easily adjust the strap according to the size of the wrist. At the same time, it is an ideal choice for those who care about casual and simple designs.

Next, the most attention-grabbing is the rotating knob on the right side that was used for the first time in the Watch Fit series. Sharing further, the rotary knob comes in bright red for Gray (Nylon) and White (fluoroelastomer) colored models. Then the rest uses a color that matches the entire frame.

Another box-shaped physical button with a smooth texture is also provided below that can quickly activate health tracking. Again a concept similar to the Apple Watch is used here especially for the model that has a red button.

The same part also has a microphone hole and then the speaker is placed on the left side. Completing it further is the plastic-based back that houses sensors to measure heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature and so on. Also followed by a magnetic charging port with a separate wired type.

Not to mention the support of the 5ATM waterproof standard is also supported by the Watch Fit 3 which means that it can be taken to swim at a depth of no more than 50 meters. However, we didn't soak in the water directly, let alone try to take it for a swim since the editor who tested it didn't know how to swim. But being exposed to periodic raindrops shows that no damage has occurred to this day.

Front Screen

A large, bright and colorful display is also a prominent feature of the Watch Fit 3. It offers a larger 1.82-inch touchscreen with a 77.4% higher screen-to-body ratio than the previous generation. The AMOLED panel also offers a maximum brightness level of 1,500 nits and a resolution of 480 × 408 pixels to make the screen brighter. In our tests we found the quality of the display to be really good in terms of brightness even when used in direct sunlight. The colors are also vibrant with clearly legible text.

Scrolling is smooth but sometimes we notice a lag when wanting to return to the home screen. The Always-On-Display feature can also be activated if you don't mind using more battery. Followed by the Wake-up Screen function that works quite responsively every time the hand is raised.

The bezels on the screen may be a little thick but can be easily hidden using a dark colored watch face option. By default as many as 11 face options are provided on the device and the rest can be accessed through the dedicated Huawei Health application.

Interface And Application

Huawei Watch Fit 3 uses its own operating system HarmonyOS 4.2 without the ability to download third-party applications. No drastic interface changes have been made, only the user experience has become better. Most importantly, all elements are easy to understand, learn and read.

The built-in spin button when pressed will launch the application wheel. The choice of applications is still the same as before, but the navigation process has become easier using a grid-based layout with a neater arrangement. Users can also zoom the size of the application using the rotary knob.

Another button is used to quickly activate the built-in health and fitness tracking. You just need to press the rotary button to start/pause/stop the activity. You can also assign that second physical button to a number of other features depending on your individual needs.

From the main page, notifications can be read by scrolling up. Scrolling down will provide access to smart access such as battery saving mode, change screen description, bluetooth tethering status and more. Returning to the main page if scrolling to the right is done will give access to several widgets such as a health tracker, calendar, moon phases and more.

A maximum of only six widgets are supported at a time but users are free to choose the type of widget according to personal needs. Finally, scrolling on the opposite side will display real-time weather updates along with music player controls.

Smooth function and software support requires the Huawei Health app to be used together. It is built directly into a Huawei device. It is then available for free through the Google Play Store for Android devices and the AppStore for iOS devices. We found no issues when connecting with the iPhone 14. Just inconsistencies that required us to reconnect every time we opened the app. The application interface has also been completely redesigned with a better style and color scheme.

Usage Experience

According to the estimate, we have been wearing this watch for about five days paired with the iPhone 14. Watch Fit 3 offers more than adequate health and fitness features. Most activities can also be detected automatically such as running, walking and others. A range of fitness tools are also provided including the AI Running Plan which provides a training schedule for a period of five weeks. Followed by a tutorial preview on what type of exercise, meditation or routine is right for you.

The sensor is also enhanced with the latest TrueSeen 5.5 and TruSleep 4.0 technology for better monitoring. Not to be outdone, Huawei also introduced a feature to count calories in food. It works like a calculator to calculate how many calories you need per day. Its use is very suitable for those who want to lose weight while practicing a nutritious diet.

We do not use Watch Fit 3 for challenging activities such as running, cycling, swimming etc. Instead it is used entirely to monitor most of the normal daily activities such as walking step count, heart rate and sleep time patterns. As a result the included sensor works well with no problem tracking data. In fact often sends us reminders to stay active.

It's just that the settings for GPS take a while to lock in a location. Then the accumulated data reading for the step is less accurate with quite a difference according to the manual count. It's a different story with seemingly accurate sleep time monitoring that also provides detailed data breakdowns for reference. In addition, Watch Fit 3 can also detect snoring and breathing disorders during sleep but we did not try it either.

It also supports smart notification feature for a number of apps like WhatsApp, imessage, Netflix, Youtube and others. Notifications are read-only without the ability to reply. Then you are also free to turn off any notifications from unwanted apps through the settings space. Bluetooth voice calling is also supported with the ability to dial and answer incoming calls directly from the watch.

Our tests found the performance to be quite good with clear audio volume from both the dialer and receiver. The rotary knob can also be used to adjust the audio and personally we only use this feature while driving. Before forgetting a specific pin code can be set on the watch for privacy purposes. In addition to the inclusion of women's health tracking features that can monitor menstrual periods and fertility levels. Lastly, NFC support is provided for non-cash payment purposes (but limited to the skin version only).

Battery Endurance

Huawei loads a 400mAh battery which is said to work up to 10 days maximum. It then reduces to 7 days when used in normal watch mode. It's definitely justified considering we were able to get endurance readings of up to five days with normal daily use. It involves using the battery at 61% initially until the remaining 5% on the fifth day.

Its use also involves a constant connection to the smartphone with several fitness features that are activated periodically. The recharging process can be done wired using a charging port of its own type. The time taken is about an hour for full charging. No wireless charging provided.


Watch Fit 3 offers a pretty good design that looks like an Apple watch. The build is also solid with a high quality AMOLED screen. The included sensor works well and is more than adequate for a basic smartwatch. Long battery life is also one of the interesting features of the Watch Fit 3.

But there are still other factors to consider such as the lack of built-in WiFi connectivity, weak GPS signal, lack of third-party apps and no wireless charging. However, Watch Fit 3 has basic features that are more than adequate and are only suitable for monitoring daily activities.


The screen is bigger and brighter.

Modern design.

Various built-in health and fitness functions.

Long battery life.

Security lock for more privacy.

5ATM waterproof.


Does not support third-party applications.

The watch strap is quite limited.

No built-in Wi-Fi.

No wireless charging.

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