InDrive Now Also Offers Concierge Booking Facilities For Various Services

InDrive is one of the self-driving services operating in Malaysia, and uses a concept in the form of a price bid when booking, as well as giving more choices to users based on their respective budgets. Now, in addition to self-driving services, InDrive in Malaysia is also seen expanding its services to cover other industries.

InDrive now adds a new tab called "Services". Through it, users can make reservations to get concierge services - including air conditioning repair, construction, installation, cleaning, organizing events, tutors, and so on.

Like the InDrive concept, users will be able to open the price they are willing to pay, and will then be connected to the service provider in receiving or replying with their respective prices.

This feature is still early stage, and it is not yet shared about the number of service providers that offer this service through InDrive for now. Those of you who are interested, can access this service directly through the InDrive application.

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