Lazada Partners With Gentari – Will Use 25 Electric Motorcycles For Final Delivery

Services that use logistics and delivery systems are an arena that uses high fuel energy. Gentari, which provides sustainable energy, has today announced a collaboration with Lazada and launched Gentari VaaS (Vehicle-as-a-Service).

Through Gentari VaaS, Gentari will offer this service to companies or businesses that use a lot of logistics systems. Companies that use a lot of logistics services have their own sustainability targets, and this Gentari service can reduce the carbon footprint produced by this company.

Through this collaboration, Lazada Malaysia will use 25 electric motorcycles from Gentari for last-mile delivery, thereby reducing carbon emissions. This is also in line with the government's target to encourage companies to use services with low carbon emissions.

The electric motorcycle used is a BlueShark R1 model that has a travel distance of 110 km/h, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h. With replaceable batteries and data collected, it will facilitate Lazada's delivery operations and help in sustaining their logistics operations.

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