LG Reportedly Ending Collaboration With Meta To Develop XR Headsets

LG and Meta have partnered to develop XR headsets with predictions that a competitor to their Vision Pro will be launched in 2025. But according to a report by the Korean Economic Daily, LG has ended the collaboration with Meta.

The report cited an inside source who said the collaboration was terminated because there was no synergy between the two companies. Although the relationship with Meta is terminated, LG is believed to be working with Amazon as well.

Demand for VR and XR headsets did not spike as predicted after the Meta Quest, Vision Pro and Pico 4 launches. Not many are rushing to enter the metacity, especially after artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now more popular. The meta itself has been focusing on AI for the past six months and they have suffered hundreds of billions in losses due to Horizon Worlds not being well received.

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