Meta Is Developing an AI Device in the Shape of an Earphone Equipped with a Camera

Meta is one of the companies that invest heavily in the artificial intelligence arena, even offering their language model, LlaMa, in open source form. Not stopping there, now Meta is also reported to be developing a device with an artificial intelligence focus.

The device is said to be present in the design of an earphone that also has a camera. It is known as “Camerabuds” internally for now.

Although not stated, this device may allow the user to interact with it, and it will provide real-time feedback regarding the surroundings and so on using the camera support. Indirectly, it will allow Meta to realize "JARVIS" for every user through this device.

However, there were a number of challenges in its development, including long hair that might interfere with the camera, in addition to several other technical challenges.

As usual, let's all look forward to the development of this arena, and who will revolutionize the market through their respective AI device offerings.

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