Meta Will End Workplace In 2026

Meta has now announced they will be terminating and shutting down their enterprise-oriented service, Workplace. This Workplace service will be completely discontinued in 2026.

Workplace has previously been offered to companies, in facilitating communication between teams, collaboration, and so on. It is offered as a Slack alternative. It's a bit of a surprise that Meta is ending this service, given how many users who use Workplace love it.

Meta says this termination is an effort to manage investments more efficiently, towards the development of artificial intelligence and metacity. Previously, Workplace was introduced in 2026, and one of the big users was the government of Singapore.

Workplace can continue to be used until 31 August 2025. After that period until 31 May 2026, it will only offer the facility to access and download existing data only. On June 1, 2026, Workplace will be completely discontinued.

For those of you who use Workplace, you can look at several alternatives to continue managing communication and collaboration within companies and organizations.

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