Microsoft Asks Their Employees In China To Relocate

The trade conflict between the United States and China seems to be going on for a while, and recently, Microsoft seems to be one of the American companies that is very affected by this dispute.

Microsoft has asked their employees in China to consider moving to other countries, especially with the issue of trade restrictions that the United States government is intensifying against China.

Reuters and the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft has asked as many as 800 of its Chinese employees working in the machine learning and cloud computing division to relocate to other countries for the time being, with options given including the United States, Ireland, Australia, and New York. Zealand.

Microsoft responded to the Wall Street Journal's inquiry on the matter saying that the relocation offer is something that is offered to many of the company's employees, and this latest offer is one of them.

Lately, the United States government is seen to have further tightened trade restrictions where not only electronic products made with American technology, but also electronic components that are developed and can be used for military purposes and the advancement of artificial intelligence can no longer be sold to companies -company in China.

This technological cold war seems to continue until the United States and China will force each other to continue making bad decisions that will not favor either side, either each other or the other countries.

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