Microsoft Tests "Start Menu Companions", Floating Widgets in the Start Menu

Do you remember the famous Live Tiles in Windows 8, still there in Windows 10 but gone in Windows 11? It looks like Microsoft is starting to test a new feature that will bring back a Live Tiles-like feature in the Start menu. This feature is the Start menu Companions.

Just like the widgets in Windows 11, Start menu Companions is said to be a web-based widget as well. Users can change widgets through Windows system settings whether they want to add or disable certain widgets. With this feature developers can provide interesting widgets such as news from websites, traffic information, email notifications, maybe AI chatbot integration and more.

Start menu Companions is seen as a potential replacement for Live Tiles. I personally love features like this because it gives quick access to the latest information regardless of news or email notifications. For now, Start menu Companions is tested on Windows 11 Insider version 26212. Let's all wait for the stable version to arrive.

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