NVIDIA Expected to Revive Their SoC Division in 2025

NVIDIA may now be better known for their graphics card component offerings and AI processing chips, but at one time, they were also known for their SoC (System on a Chip) processing chip offerings, particularly through their Tegra processing chips.

That business was shut down about a decade ago, but now with CPU offerings with built-in artificial intelligence task processing capabilities, NVIDIA sees that now is the best time to revive the business.

The easiest way, according to an interview between NVIDIA and Dell CEO Jensen Huang and Michael Dell with Bloomberg, is for NVIDIA to introduce a software update that will enable all NVIDIA graphics cards that have Tensor cores as neural processing chips (NPUs) for computers using the operating system. Microsoft Windows 11.

However, this technique can only be used for computers that use NVIDIA graphics cards, and not all laptops and desktops come with the component.

NVIDIA also holds the license to develop processing chips using Arm technology, and reviving the Tegra part is not difficult for them, as they also use the technology for their various artificial intelligence products such as Drive PX.

Although NVIDIA can easily develop these chips, one issue that may make it difficult for them to sell these new Tegra SoC chips in large quantities is the exclusive agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm regarding the Copilot+ laptop.

It is expected that if there are no issues regarding the development of SoC chips for these laptops, NVIDIA may introduce their offering as early as 2025.

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