Opera Tests Integration of Artificial Intelligence-Based Image Generation Features

Opera is one of the active and fast moving web browsers in introducing various new features. After introducing artificial intelligence support called Aria, Opera is now also experimenting with adding artificial intelligence-based image generation support directly through the Opera web browser.

Opera says this feature is powered by an image generation model by Google, which is Imagen2.

Currently, this image generation support is available for Opera users on the developer channel. To generate any image, the user only needs to open Aria on the side of the web browser, and then press the ctrl + / or cmd + / button followed by the description of the image to be generated.

In addition to image generation support, users also communicate through the chat section with Aria to continue making some changes to the generated image.

For those of you who are interested, you can download the latest development version of Opera, and test this feature. It is not yet known when this functionality will be introduced to all stable channel users.

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