PCI-SIG Introduces CopprLink – New Cable Connection Standard For Data Centers, Artificial Intelligence

The PCI-SIG group is a group that is constantly looking for new ways to transmit bulk data quickly. In 2015, they introduced an OCulink connection that showed a data transmission speed of up to 8.0GT/s or around 7.8Gbit/s, but the development of this connection has been stopped since 2021, and has not been replaced until now.

At the end of last year, the PCI-SIG group announced the presence of a new connection standard called CopprLink that comes with data transmission speeds from 32 to 64GT/s for PCIe 5.0 and PCIe 6.0 data transmission technology.

This CopprLink connection cable will come with two different configurations, for internal connections and also connections between server machines. Just like OCulink, CopprLink will still use copper cables for data connections, although there are also reports that PCI-SIG is developing a variant that uses glass fiber for faster data transmission rates for PCIe 7.0 connections.

For now, PCI-SIG says that the use of CopprLink is limited to things like machine learning and also to the processing and transmission of data for artificial intelligence purposes.

OCulink took several years before it was used for general use such as connecting virtual reality devices and so on, but now with the rapid advancement of technology, it would not be surprising if CopprLink is used for consumer devices when it is launched later.

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