Peugeot Tests Telepilot Technology – Cars Driven Remotely By Operators

Peugeot, the French car manufacturer has now announced that they are testing the integration of a new technology, called "telepilot". Through it, it allows operators to control and drive vehicles with this technology from a distance.

For this purpose, Peugeot collaborated with the German company, Vay. This step will allow Peugeot vehicles to be used for delivery or logistics purposes, including for "last-mile" deliveries.

In a local context, it might allow Peugeot vehicles to be used for delivery services such as Ninja Van, Shopee and so on without a driver – and controlled remotely. With the integration of technology as well, it will enable the optimization of the route, while saving more on various things when making deliveries.

This move is expected to lead to savings – especially for e-commerce related delivery companies. 

Previously, Vay has demonstrated the use of technology to allow users to rent a car and leave it at a location convenient for them – and the operator will drive the vehicle back to its storage destination remotely.

Peugeot aims to integrate this technology in the upcoming E-3008, and several electric vans. However, this integration may be limited in some countries or regions - in line with the permission of the authorities.

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