Plastic Particles Also Found in Human and Dog Testicles

Are plastics among the worst inventions ever produced by humans after CFCs and lead additives in fuel? The answer is probably yes with the impact of plastic on the environment can be seen significantly. Researchers from the University of New Mexico now report the discovery of plastic particles (microplastics) in the testicles of humans and dogs.

A total of 12 types of microplastics were found in all human and dog testicle samples tested. Samples were taken from autopsied organs over the past 7 years and also the testicles of sterilized dogs. More microplastics were found in human testicles than in dogs. In fact, in the human testis it is three times more than what is found in the human placenta.

Why are dog testicles studied? This is to see the impact of microplastics on other animals. Dogs are among the animals that interact and live closely with humans. We have previously reported the discovery of microplastics in human blood, human lungs, animal flesh and Antarctica.

What is the impact of microplastics on the human body is still not fully known. There is a hypothesis that it results in an increase in cancer cases and in the case of the testicles it causes a reduction in sperm count in humans.

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