Samsung Galaxy Watch7 May Be Powered by a 3nm Exynos Chip

Samsung this year is expected to launch three smart watch models namely Galaxy Watch7, Galaxy Watch7 Pro and a mysterious variant which is likely to be Galaxy Watch7 FE. Interestingly, according to The Korea Economic Daily, one of the clocks will be powered by the much-anticipated 3nm chip.

This 3nm chip is said to be the Exynos W1000 and may have a 20% increase for more powerful performance and more efficient power consumption. These watches will run One UI for Watch based on Wear OS 5 which has been announced as a watch operating system focused on battery life.

For now, other details about this watch are still unknown. Will all three be powered by the same chip or just the flagship model, will the rotating bezel be retained, how long will the battery last and will there be AI features? Let's wait together.

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