Save Your Wallet – Just Tap & Pay Using Phone Only

Technology is constantly changing at a rapid pace, as is our daily life. Have you ever thought, wouldn't it be easier if we could make payments with just one step? Because of this, many have started using contactless mobile payment methods as their primary payment method. However, there are still a few who do not want to change to mobile payment methods because they do not know about its advantages. If you are still wondering about the advantages of using contactless mobile payment methods, we will break it down through this article.

Say Goodbye to Physical Cards and Cash

If you are a person who has many bank accounts, of course you have many physical bank cards that you need to carry when you go shopping and so on. Of course there are also among you who always carry cash to make payments. But, did you know there is an easier way to pay than using a physical card?

Through contactless mobile payments, you no longer need to carry large amounts of cash or physical cards with you. All you need is a smartphone to pay easily and more importantly, it's safer. So, you no longer need to waste time looking for physical cards or cash in your bag. Where it is a rather troublesome process when at the payment counter.

If you have any bank card that supports Visa, it can be integrated with various contactless mobile payment applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Through it, you can confirm payment transactions quickly and easily. So, you don't have to queue for a long time at the counter to make a payment.

In fact, even if you make a payment abroad, you can do the same payment method because it can be done anywhere, including abroad. This can make it a little easier for you when you are on holiday abroad because you don't have to bother looking for a money exchange center to change your currency. So, you no longer need to worry about carrying a lot of physical bank cards and cash, because just a smartphone is enough.

Tap, Pay, And Done

Through contactless mobile payments, you can make payment transactions faster. You just need to open the contactless mobile payment application, select the card you want to use and tap the smartphone on the payment terminal only.

Stronger Security, Less Risk of Data Theft

Security is one of the reasons for concern for people who are still not used to using this contactless mobile payment method. However, those who are used to using it will state that this contactless mobile payment is safe.

First of all, this function only requires you to open the contactless mobile payment application and access it using the option of fingerprint, face recognition or code number. Then, all contactless mobile transactions will be tokenized. Of course you are wondering, what does it mean here? Through the process of converting to this token, it will remove sensitive data such as the 16-digit card number for each transaction made so that card details are not stored or disclosed to merchants. This can somewhat reduce the risk of theft of banking information.


In summary, there are many benefits to using contactless mobile payments, including not having to carry cash or physical cards and strong security for every transaction made.

So, if you are interested in starting to use contactless mobile payment methods, you can activate a bank card that supports Visa in applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Through it, you can enjoy a more efficient and safe payment method. Don't wait any longer and quickly activate the card in the application on your smartphone now.

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