Skyworth Max Screen QLED+ 100-Inch Now Launched In Malaysia At RM17,999

This year, Skyworth has introduced their 100-inch QLED smart television. It is named as Max Screen QLED+. This television also supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision display. For the first time, Skyworth brought in this television to the local market.

With the model number 100SUE8600, Skyworth is very proud of their success in developing this television because it is able to offer a more immersive viewing experience than their traditional televisions that reach around 98-inches. There are five built-in speakers that are tuned with Dolby Atmos that are also matched with the Auto Volume feature so that the user's ears are not surprised by sudden loud sounds. It is adjustable for comfortable and healthy listening.

This new Skyworth television also supports the Flicker Free feature so that the screen content does not flicker to protect the health of the user's eyes. This 100-inch Skyworth Eye-Max QLED also supports a 144Hz refresh rate that takes advantage of the HDMI 2.1 connection port for modern game consoles. Chameleon Extreme technology for better colors is also integrated on this television. Like other Skyworth TVs, the SUG8800 also runs Google TV.

The Skyworth Eye-Max QLED SUG8800 is sold in Malaysia at a price of RM17,999. It is the cheapest 100-inch television in Malaysia so far. If you've been looking for a giant-sized television, now is the time because other manufacturers are selling them at tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Ringgit.

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