Slack Criticized By Many For Using User Messages To Train AI

Slack is one of the communication and collaboration applications widely used by various companies, organizations and private individuals. This service has already been taken over by Salesforce before.

Like many tech companies, Slack doesn't seem to want to be left behind in the artificial intelligence arena, and has started doing its own model training. However, it's a little sad that Slack was found to be using user messages and data in training their AI models.

Through the privacy page on Slack, it informs users stating, "In an effort to develop an AI model, the system analyzes user data (such as messages, content and also files) sent to Slack, in addition to various information emphasized in the privacy policy and also in the customer agreement" .

All training is done with the assumption that the user has given permission, and if the user does not like the matter, the user needs to email to exclude the use of data involving your communication.

At the same time, Slack's early feedback specified machine learning models for features such as Channels, emoji suggestions and even search results. However, this does not really convince users in terms of what is used to train which model.

We may hear more about this Slack in the coming days.

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