The First Apple Store Will Be Opened In Malaysia On 22 June 2024

Apple today officially announced the opening of their first physical store in Malaysia, bringing the long-awaited Apple Store by local users. This first Apple Store is located at TRX Exchange, Kuala Lumpur, and will open to the public on 22 June 2024, at 10am.

For information, the Apple Store is not just a store that sells Apple equipment and hardware, but also offers a comprehensive experience for Apple services, in addition to being a community center in knowing various knowledge and tips related to the use of Apple technology and products.

As many are aware, ahead of the opening of this Apple Store, Apple itself has activated several facilities in Malaysia. One of them is the Apple Trade-In program that offers thousands of ringgit rebates when switching to new Apple products. In addition, Apple has also provided financial assistance for installment purchases without any additional interest charges.

Meanwhile, with the opening of this Apple Store, users can now also refer to Apple product experts, called Apple Genius, to ask a number of things related to various Apple products. From the demo shown to us, the Apple representative at the Apple Store has a special device, which can connect you with them, at the same time know the various Apple products you have, and some information related to them to further facilitate the process of helping existing customers.

For new customers, you can ask various questions - and the Apple representatives are not as pushy and forceful as in some other stores. Users can also make reservations directly through the web for special sessions, and a special representative will be present to provide various assistance and answer user questions.

Not only that, the Apple Store also provides a session called Today At Apple, which is a sharing session every day in sharing and teaching on various topics - including creative, photography, programming, video, music, business, education and so on. Apple features a variety of representatives and parties in partnership – offering a different session each day.

For those of you who are interested in experiencing this Apple retail experience, you can visit the Apple Store at TRX Exchange, Kuala Lumpur starting 22 June 2024.

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