U Mobile Ends GX50 Plan – All Existing Customers Upgrade to “Giler Unlimited GX55”

U Mobile is now informing customers using the Giler Unlimited GX50 postpaid plan, that the plan has been terminated effective today, 17 May 2024. All existing customers are automatically upgraded to the new plan, Giler Unlimited GX55.

U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX55 maintains more or less the same offering as the GX50, but with an internet speed that is not limited to 5Mbps like the GX50. This allows users to enjoy faster internet access through this plan.

Offers like unlimited internet, and 5GB hotspot sharing are included, including unlimited call support to all lines.

However, one of the drawbacks of this plan upgrade is that all customers will have to pay more, which is RM55 per month from 21 June 2024. Existing users are offered a RM5 discount for this month, and the plan price will be charged at RM55 starting next month.

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