X Introducing Stories – News Formulated By Artificial Intelligence, For Paid Subscribers

X or formerly known as Twitter, today introduced another new feature on the platform, called Stories. This feature focuses on the ability to summarize various news, and is accessible to users through a local page on X.

X Stories is offered through the web and iOS app only for now. It can be accessed on the "Explore" tab, which already lists a number of news items that are hotly discussed on the platform. Through Stories, it uses the support of Grok AI – which is artificial intelligence on the platform in summarizing news and presenting it to users.

This feature can be said to be still in its early stages, and X himself put the label saying artificial intelligence may sometimes make mistakes in summarizing a news.

With the variety of information on the web today, the introduction of the X Stories feature will make it easier for users to follow the news quickly, and not miss any of the latest.

For now, X Stories is offered to paid X users only – just like access to Grok AI on the platform.

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