Yayasan Peneraju, TERAJU, And Ekuinas Collaborate To Develop Entrepreneurs From Talent Level, Startup To Large Company

Three agencies under the Ministry of Economy today announced a new collaboration and alignment, in an effort to help the development of Bumiputera companies from various levels, until reaching large-sized companies. The three agencies concerned are Yayasan Peneraju, TERAJU, and Ekuinas.

Yayasan Peneraju will focus on the development of high-value talent under them - and further expand the search and development of talent, not limited to a few categories for now. Yayasan Peneraju aims to develop several "leader" talents including in the business, professional and community arenas. This potential will be developed including for the energy transition industry, technology, digital and some others.

In addition, Yayasan Peneraju also aims to develop around 14 venture capital firms to help Bumiputera entrepreneurs to the next level.

Meanwhile, TERAJU aims to provide assistance for the development of companies and startups to the next phase. A total of RM1 billion in funds is expected to be provided under TERAJU, in an effort to help develop around 1000 Bumiputera companies from micro and small to medium and large size. TERAJU aims to reach this figure by 2030.

And finally, Ekuinas aims to help Bumiputera companies with excellent records and high profits to continue to the next phase. Ekuinas provides funds amounting to RM800 million for this purpose.

The initiative announced today is also in line with the 12th Malaysia Plan, in addition to continuing to develop and shape a more comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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