YouTube Music Can Now Search For Songs By Just Humming

Believe it or not, when I drive sometimes I still listen to the radio and don't use my phone instead of inforia. Sometimes after listening to a song, I'll forget it and it's hard to find it again because the radio doesn't have a search system. Recently, YouTube Music has been updated which allows users to hum the rhythm of the music playing in their mind to find the song.

Yes, this feature is the same as the one on Google Assistant since 2020. It's also the same feature on Shazam. This feature is also not new because Google has been testing it to selected users since 2023. To use it, on the YouTube Music search bar press the audio wave icon next to the microphone and keep humming the rhythm of the music that comes to mind. YouTube Music will continue to suggest songs with the same rhythm.

In my tests, this feature is better than Shazam because it manages to find songs accurately regardless of Malay or English songs. The downside to this feature is that it doesn't have different song suggestions like Google Assistant which displays the percentage similarity of the rhythm hum to the suggested song. This means you need to hum precisely to get the best results.

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