ZTE Set Malaysia Record For Fastest 5G-A Data Transfer Speed Reaching 28Gbps

In October 2023, three telecommunications technology companies, including Digital Nasional Berhad, Telekom Malaysia have conducted 5G-Advanced network tests using mmWave technology that show data transfer speeds as fast as 28Gbps.

Today, during the ZTE - Unfolding The Intelligent Future event in Kuala Lumpur, the test of the 5G-A network has entered the Malaysia Book of Records as the "Fastest 5G-Advanced Live Trial" or the Fastest 5G-Advanced Live Trial in Malaysia with the said speed earlier.

To make this happen, the infrastructure and expertise of Telekom Malaysia is used, along with mmWave technology by ZTE. This move is expected to position Malaysia as a leader in mmWave technology at that time.

DNB also stated that the use of mmWave spectrum under them allows it to provide a 5.5G experience, as well as being the basis for 6G later. The use of DNB spectrum together with TM technology also opens up various opportunities in the enterprise arena – especially in the development of 5G private networks for various types of industries.

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