America's Health Director General Wants Social Media To Be Given A Warning Label Like Cigarettes

Does social media have a negative impact on its users? So far there is no definitive answer because short-term studies say yes while long-term studies by Oxford are beginning to say no. Although there is no consensus on its dangers or benefits, the three US health directors now recommend that social media come with a warning label like cigarettes.

Dr. Vivek Murthy who is the director of American health writing for The New York Times said the label is necessary because of its impact on mental health. He cited several studies that found the risk of having issues with body image is twice as high if underage users use social media for more than 3 hours a day.

At the same time Dr Murthy also called for a bill that protects minor users from online bullying, exploitation, abuse and exposure to sexual or extreme content to be enacted. In addition, a bill to prevent children's data from being collected for algorithms is also recommended by him.

Dr. Murthy's suggestion received support and also objections from various parties. Yayasan Sempadan Elektronik (EFF) for example sees it as a move to restrict the freedom of voice by the people. Supporters say it's time social media is seen as a dangerous platform like cigarettes because it can cause addiction.

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