Android 15 Smarter Lock Screen By Detecting If The User Is Close To The Device

Android devices have actually had AI features for a long time but back then the popular term was machine learning. Among the features that use this technology is face-based unlocking using the selfie camera. The latest in Android 15 Beta 3, the system will be smarter to lock the screen by detecting whether the user is near the device or not.

This feature is named as Adaptive Timeout where if the user is away from the device the screen will lock faster. Meanwhile, if the user is close to the device, the screen will be locked according to the user's settings. This technology is also not new because since the Samsung Galaxy S3 there has been a feature using the selfie camera to track the user's eyes so as not to lock the screen quickly.

Google will give users a choice whether to lock the screen at a set time or use this new smart feature. Let's all look forward to the presence of Android 15 for all devices that are expected to arrive at the end of this year to the beginning of next year.

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