Apple Announces macOS Sequoia – Comes With Support for Interacting Directly With iPhone

At the WWDC 2024 event, in addition to focusing on the iOS operating system, Apple also announced several new things involving the operating system for the MacBook, i.e. macOS.

The next generation of macOS will be named macOS Sequoia – continuing Apple's specific naming convention for the macOS computer operating system.

Several new things are planned to be introduced with macOS Sequoia. One of them is the ability to connect the iPhone to the macOS Sequoia operating system, and then access and control the iPhone directly through the Mac. This includes viewing notifications and also accessing applications on the iPhone through the macOS screen.

In addition, Apple also introduced a password management application through macOS Sequoia, and the ability to use Apple Pay through a third-party web browser. A small update was also introduced to the Safari web browser with several features such as the ease of getting information from a website easily.

macOS Sequoia is expected to be released to the public in a few months, for Mac users, for free.

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