Apple Intelligence Uses Private Cloud Services, Openly Auditable Code

Along with their latest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms, Apple is also seen introducing their own artificial intelligence system called Apple Intelligence.

It can intelligently analyze various contents in the device, and provide answers to user queries or questions. This AI model is run directly on the device, and from the rough overview provided, it can run on an iPhone using an Apple A17 Pro, or a MacBook using an Apple M1 and newer.

Apple also confirmed that this artificial intelligence service uses a private cloud service (private cloud compute) and the data input by users using Apple Intelligence will not be stored by Apple or any other party.

Apple also said that the programming code developed for Private Cloud Compute can be examined by third parties, especially professionals in the cloud technology sector to see if there are any deficiencies or anything that can and needs to be improved.

Although the code on these server machines is publicly readable, any comments or corrections must be uploaded to a system that will be sent to Apple's programming team for updates.

Craig Federighi says that Apple devices will not interact with Apple Intelligence servers, or even any server machine systems, as long as they do not have any logs indicating that open checks have already been run for these systems.

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