Apple Investigated by the European Commission for Alleged Violation of the DMA Act

The European Commission (EC) today announced that it will start an investigation into Apple for allegedly violating the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The focus of the investigation is the practice in the Apple Store that prevents developers from offering links on alternative payments for their services.

In addition, the EC also started an investigation into Apple's practice of asking for payment for each application installation through third-party stores complying with the DMA. The Core Technology Fee that Apple takes is said to be for checking the application to ensure it is safe to use. Some developers complain that this will impose high costs on them and make the given alternative store unprofitable

The EC is now giving Apple time for all findings of alleged DMA violations. If found guilty, Apple can be fined up to 10% of their annual revenue and increase to 20% of their annual revenue if they repeat the same offense.

Apple previously announced that it will not provide Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring, and SharePlay Screen Sharing features in EU countries due to issues with DMA. Through DMA, any new features that do not provide access to third parties cannot be offered to users. This is to ensure that anti-monopoly practices are not carried out by companies labeled as "gatekeepers".

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