ChatGPT Free Users Can Now Access GPTs And Upload Files

ChatGPT is available in free and paid form. Interestingly, OpenAI is now extending some paid features to users of its free version – in line with the announcement a few weeks ago.

Through the latest update offered through ChatGPT, users of the free version of the artificial intelligence-based generation platform can now access various GPTs developed by third parties for specific purposes. This also allows users of the free version to also browse the GPT Store, and use any necessary GPTs.

However, for now, users of the free version cannot generate their own GPTs.

At the same time, users can also upload files and so on for further analysis.

Free version users are also now given limited access to GPT-4o usage. A number of messages involving this model will be used first, and will be carried over to the GPT-3.5 model after the limited use is exhausted. On the other hand, for users of the paid version, they can access the latest model of ChatGPT without limits, including having an even longer character limit.

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