CIMB Will Activate SecureTAC Requirement For All Fund Transfers

Starting at the end of June 2024, CIMB will introduce several security features on their banking application. In addition to announcing the introduction of a cooling-off period when changing transaction limits on the CIMB OCTO application or on the CIMB Clicks website, CIMB is now also informing users regarding the use of SecureTAC approval for all fund transfers.

This will simultaneously require users to do SecureTAC approval for all fund transfers, including JomPAY transactions, bill payments, top-ups, transfers to own accounts, and also for transactions on favorite accounts.

In addition, for all new accounts registered, the default transaction limit set is RM5,000, and needs to be changed on the settings page.

This change is expected to be introduced from the end of June 2024.

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