Ferrari No Longer Offers In-Vehicle GPS Navigation Systems

GPS navigation systems have been used in vehicles since 1990 with the Mazda Eunos Cosmo being the first to be equipped with this system. Now the use of GPS applications is very widespread and is used to avoid traffic jams on the way to the destination. For those who want to buy a Ferrari car, the company from Italy no longer offers a GPS system built into the infotainment system of their vehicles.

According to a Motor1 report, the decision was taken because Ferrari realized that the GPS application on the phone was better than the GPS system offered in the vehicle. The majority of owners prefer to use the GPS app on the phone rather than the built-in system. In fact, smartphone apps are updated more often than in-vehicle GPS.

Degan Ferrari has already started a step, maybe it will be followed by other manufacturers. Today we admit that we prefer to use Waze on a smartphone rather than a GPS system in a vehicle because it is faster, more accurate and provides more accurate information.

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