General Pocket Casts New Windows And Mac Apps

Pocket Casts is a popular podcasting app now owned by Automattic. While Android and iOS app usage is offered as open source, subscription plans for access to premium features are still offered. Recently, exclusively for their Plus and Patron customers a new Pocket Cast application for Windows and Mac has been launched.

First of all, the new Pocket Casts app is developed with Electron to ensure the same smooth usage experience and performance regardless of the platform. Second, the new app now supports over-the-air updates meaning users no longer need to download new versions and replace old versions.

The new Pocket Casts also uses the ID3 index system for the more interesting Podlove and Podcast Index features. This indirectly makes it easier for users to find new chapters in any favorite podcast topic. The application also supports a mini media player that displays a small floating window for users to listen to and control podcasts while performing other tasks.

If you're still using Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts is one of the podcast platforms that supports transferring data from other platforms by importing OPML files. Follow this tutorial to start the data transfer process.

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