Google : Malaysia Will Introduce AI At All Levels Of Learning, Starting From Primary School

Google today held a Google Cloud Day event in Malaysia, sharing a number of things involving the cloud computing arena and also being the main focus on the offering of artificial intelligence.

Google Cloud is widely used in Malaysia, including in the field of education. Since 2020, the Malaysian Ministry of Education has launched DELIMa (Digital Education Learning Initiative Malaysia) which is also powered by Google Cloud to ensure continuous learning without problems. The use of Google Cloud also ensures that over millions of logins can be done on the platform during peak hours without problems.

The Ministry of Education is also ready to connect with Google Cloud in expanding the use and integration of other products, in parallel to help learning and teaching.

Briefly touching on education in Malaysia at the Google Cloud event, Google representatives stated that Malaysia will introduce artificial intelligence at various levels of education in a few years, starting from the primary school learning level.

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