Here's How To Transfer Google Podcast Data To YouTube Music

It is well known that Google Podcasts will be shut down this year. Users in the United States will no longer be able to use Google Podcasts since June 23, while users in Malaysia have started receiving warnings that the service will be phased out starting this week. Google now wants to focus their audio content on one platform only, which is YouTube Music.

In this article I will share how to transfer your Google Podcast data to YouTube Music or you can also export your data to other podcast platforms. It should be noted, Google only gives the opportunity to transfer this data until July 29.


If you are actively using the Google Podcast application, you will be aware that Google has been warning Malaysian users since last month. Open this app to follow Google's next instructions. You will receive the message "Google Podcasts is saying goodbye" and have two options whether you want to Export subscription or Learn more.


After you choose to Export subscription you will be taken to a special page. Two options are given whether to use YouTube Music or a third-party platform. Transferring to YouTube is very easy, so I show you this method.

Press Export in the Export to YouTube Music section, you will be taken to the YouTube Music page. Verify the Google account you want to use. Google then warns that this step will load the RSS feed into the user's YouTube Music library. If you agree, press Continue. Depending on how many podcasts you subscribe to or follow, like mine is only 8 it takes less than 10 seconds to complete the transfer process.


You can now listen to all Google Podcasts directly in YouTube Music and control them just like you would with YouTube Music. You can also now easily find new podcast content in YouTube Music. This method, however, still does not allow Malaysian users to access podcasts through the YouTube application and is limited to YouTube Music only.


If you're frustrated with Google and fear that podcast content in YouTube Music will one day be discontinued, here's how to transfer data to a third-party platform. Same as step 2 earlier, just do the second option which is press Download in the Export for another app section. You will receive an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file with the name google-podcasts-subscriptions. Among the popular platforms that support OPML files is Pocket Cast.


A very easy and simple method is to install and open the Pocket Cast application. Then log into the account and go to the settings in the user profile section. Scroll down to find Import & export OPML. You can import and export, so select Import subscriptions and find the file you downloaded from Google Podcast earlier.

After a few seconds (depending on the number of podcasts), it continues to load in the main screen of Pocket Cast. Pocket Cast also offers a subscription plan for premium features that enhance the listening experience at a price starting at RM18.99 per month.

After this you no longer have to worry if you don't realize that Google Podcasts can no longer play your favorite podcasts. Your podcasts are now safe in YouTube Music and Pocket Cast. For now I'll be using Apple Podcasts while experimenting with Pocket Cast. How about you?

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