Huawei Introduces Harmony Intelligence – AI Support That Will Be Integrated Into Devices

Huawei has today announced the introduction of their upcoming operating system, HarmonyOS Next which will move away from a complete reliance on Android. Along with the introduction of the operating system, Huawei also announced the introduction of their own artificial intelligence offering called Harmony Intelligence.

This Harmony Intelligence will be offered through Huawei devices, in addition to being included together with a virtual assistant based on voice input, named Celia.

Through the simple demo shown, it is seen to be integrated at the operating system level - in addition to offering facilities such as summarizing documents, editing pictures, providing answers to some questions, and so on.

Huawei will introduce this offering together with the HarmonyOS Next operating system that will power the Mate 70 later. With this partnership, it also shows that Huawei will continue to lead the market, especially in China where it may be difficult for Apple without a local partner in offering support based on artificial intelligence.

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