Intel Reportedly Halted Development of $25 Billion Factory In Israel

Intel has recently announced the launch of several new processing chips, and now, with the issue of genocide going on in Israel, some news sites have reported that Intel has recently halted the development of a $25 billion factory in Israel.

Israel is one of the important locations for Intel because it is where most of the company's semiconductor chip research is done before the design and development of their chips are sent to other locations, including Malaysia.

According to a Reuters report, Intel has halted development of a new $25 billion factory and research center in Israel that will be called Fab 38 in Kiryat Gat. The factory should start operating from 2028 until 2035 and manufacture Intel processing chips along with several other locations in the United States and Europe.

Intel says that the stoppage of the development of this factory is because they are seen adapting to the current geopolitical situation, without directly saying anything about the issue of genocide that is happening in Gaza and Rafah.

So far it is not known if the stoppage of the development of this factory is temporary or something permanent.

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