Japanese Institution Achieves 402Tb/s Data Transmission Speed ​​Using Fiber Optic Cables

Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology together with several other institutions has recently set a very fast data transmission speed, at a rate of 402Tb/s using only ordinary fiber optic cables.

Presenting this project at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2024 event, Japan NICT managed to transmit data at this speed at a distance of 50KM through the use of 1505 optical fiber channels, six types of amplifier equipment, and the use of 3THz bandwidth to obtain the speed of 402Tb/s.

What is even more interesting is that this speed was achieved using existing equipment, and nothing "new" was developed for this test. It shows to some extent that the existing technology is good enough to further improve the performance of the internet network for the purpose of data transmission at a fast rate.

For this, Japan NICT is seen using existing wavelength division multiplexed technology, and changes are made to take advantage of the 3THz and 20THz bandwidths to allow them to increase data transmission rates using existing equipment.

This means that for telecommunications companies that may not want to invest money in newer and more expensive data transmission technology, there are still ways for them to take advantage of existing equipment to further increase internet data transmission and reception rates.

NICT is seen to be pioneering more bandwidth usage technology that is rarely used to try to further increase data transmission rates using existing components and equipment.

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