Kingston Fury Impact DDR5 CAMM2 Shown With Two Custom Motherboards

Last week we reported that their MSI Project 0 motherboards will feature the use of a new memory module called CAMM2. The advantage of this memory is shown in terms of its design where it only needs one piece of memory to come up with support up to 32GB with dual channels and can be used on various types of motherboards regardless of whether it is for desktop or laptop.

At the Computex Taipei event, Kingston showed off a number of their storage and memory offerings, and one that caught my eye was their own CAMM2 memory, the Kingston Fury Impact DDR5 CAMM2.

It comes with a design that closely resembles Micron's previous CAMM2 memory, but with a few differences, and for now, it only comes with one storage option, which is 32GB in a dual-channel configuration.

Kingston also showed two motherboards with different brands that come with support for this one memory slot, the MSI Project 0 and the ASUS Lengshuikeng. Kingston Fury DDR5 CAMM2 memory is attached to these motherboards via screws, and we were told that the pin configuration for this memory resembles LGA (Land Grid Array), and it is installed in a way that resembles how you would install a CPU on a motherboard.

The use of CAMM2 was previously advertised as being very useful on laptops, but for desktop computer motherboards, you now have the option of using a giant CPU cooling block without having to worry about whether or not your RAM is low enough.

Kingston also said that for now, the only thing preventing them from selling Kingston Fury DDR5 CAMM2 memory is the design verification from JEDEC.

According to them, the verification of this design is important because both memory makers and motherboard developers will then see how this CAMM2 memory can be used more effectively.

The collaboration between Kingston and ASUS along with MSI may be one of the efforts made to speed up this verification process, and it would not be surprising if a motherboard with CAMM2 memory support will be shown at the end of this year or early next year.

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