Maybank MAE Introduces Multi-Account Support – Can Link One Individual Account, And Up To 5 Business Accounts

Maybank today officially announced multi-account support or what they call multi-access on the MAE application. Using it, users can link one individual account, and up to 5 business accounts through it. This also makes it easier for users to manage various personal and business financial details, directly using only one device.

Previously, it was quite difficult for Maybank users who also have business accounts to use the same device to manage their finances. With this multi-access measure, it makes it easier for Maybank banking service users.

MAE users can tap on the Settings icon under the user's profile picture, and can then select "Switch" to switch accounts or add another M2U account.

For those of you who use the MAE application, you can update your application today, and enjoy this new feature.

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