Men Will Live Longer If Fertilized

According to several studies conducted by scientists, on average women live five years longer than men. Lifestyle factors cause men to die earlier. If you're a man, a researcher now says there's one thing you can do to live longer.

Cat Bohannon a writer and researcher says men's lives will be longer if they are married. This is based on life data of palace eunuchs in Korea and also American men who were hospitalized for mental health issues. In the middle of the 20th century, mental hospital patients were euthanized to prevent them from inbreeding and producing offspring with the same disease.

Male sexual hormones play a role in health problems and also the recovery of cells in the body. In a study published on the NIH website, the aging process in goats that had their testicles removed was slower than that of goats that still had their "maleness".

This raises the question are you willing to remove your sexual organs just to increase the probability of living longer on earth?

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