Micron Introduces GDDR7 Memory For Next-Generation Graphics Cards And AI Use

Various technology companies such as NVIDIA and AMD are expected to show their latest graphics card offerings for gaming and artificial intelligence purposes soon. For this latest graphics technology, they will use the latest GDDR7 memory.

Micron is seen as one of the first memory companies to introduce their own GDDR7 memory, and it is expected to be used by various of their graphics and artificial intelligence technology developer partners later this year.

Each Micron GDDR7 memory chip is seen to feature 16Gb memory with a data transmission speed of 32Gb/s with a system bandwidth as fast as 1.5TB/s which is 60 percent faster than GDDR6 memory. Micron also says that the electricity consumption of this GDDR7 memory is 50 percent more efficient than the previous generation, in addition to reducing electricity consumption by default by 70 percent.

Micron also expects that graphics cards using their GDDR7 memory will show a 30 percent performance improvement in terms of frame rates developed at resolutions as high as 4K. In the meantime, the time delay for the processing of local artificial intelligence tasks can also be reduced by 20 percent, while the processing of images, text and so on will show an increase in performance by 33 percent.

Micron already has several developer partners with AMD and Cadence who are seen to be using and testing this GDDR7 memory technology in their products around the end of this year.

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