Microplastics Found In Penile Tissue And May Cause Deadhead

This microplastic was also found in human penile tissue which researchers now believe may cause impotence. In a study conducted by the University of Miami, microplastics were found in four out of five penile tissue samples from impotence patients.

The seven types of microplastics found are of the type PET used in food and drink containers. The true effect of the existence of microplastics in the human body is still unknown because a comprehensive study has not yet been done. In animals such as mice it causes hormonal imbalance and reduced sperm count.

Although microplastics are found in the penis of men with impotence, studies that. more in-depth should be done with a larger sample size. In addition to seeing the impact of microplastics, the study of how it enters the body and then arrives in the testicles is still unknown.

So far microplastics have been found in the lungs, blood, and testicles of humans and dogs. There are many campaigns to ban the use of plastic packaging and straws to save turtles. Maybe the campaign now needs to be changed to banning the use of plastic to prevent it from harming humans anyway.

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