Microsoft Delays Launch of Recall Feature

Microsoft has delayed the launch of the Recall feature on Copilot+ PCs after it received various criticisms regarding the serious security vulnerabilities that could occur if it were enabled. In the statement given, Recall will not be given on the original date of June 18 next. Instead, the preview testing period will continue with this feature being given to Windows Insider Program users only to gather more feedback.

Recall is an artificial intelligence (AI) feature that remembers all user activities such as file locations, pages visited, and searching for specific images in photos. Immediately after it was announced, various criticisms were given because Recall was seen as dangerous to the privacy of those who use it. Among the most scathing comments were former Microsoft employees who tried it earlier.

Microsoft later said Recall will no longer be enabled by default and users will have to enable it themselves. In addition, every time Recall wants to be used, the user's identity must first be verified using Windows Hello.

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