Mozilla Takes Over Anonym – An Advertising Firm With A Focus On Privacy

Mozilla today announced the acquisition of a firm focused on digital advertising, namely Anonym. One of the advantages that Anonym brings over the various other companies out there is the focus on privacy, in line with the advertising industry's shift away from the use of trackers and the like.

With more people now focusing on privacy, and wanting to avoid all kinds of trackers, this move to take over Anonym is seen to further strengthen Mozilla's position in the arena.

Mozilla says they are now at the forefront of changing the digital landscape for platforms, advertisers and even consumers. Mozilla says it will integrate Anonym into the Mozilla family. For information, Mozilla also has several other services, including Pocket which focuses on content.

With Firefox itself having begun to integrate tracker blockers and focusing on privacy, let's all look forward to how Anonym will continue to complement Mozilla's offerings.

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