National Semiconductor Strategy Will Boost Various New Technology Sectors – Siemens Malaysia

At the beginning of this month, at the Semicon SEA 2024 event, Prime Minister Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim launched the National Semiconductor Strategy plan, which shows the government's initiative to further develop the national semiconductor sector which is seen as one of the markets for the development and assembly of semiconductor chips which is important on a global scale.

NSS will be present with an investment injection of RM25 billion from various parties, to train a total of 60 thousand semiconductor engineers in a period of five to ten years to increase the number of experts and at the same time increase the number of local companies skilled in this industry.

Siemens Malaysia, a technology supplier company in various sectors has recently also given support to this new strategy, and said that they will give full support to the government to build a sustainable and competitive semiconductor development sector for the foreseeable future. old.

Tindaro Danze, CEO of Siemens Malaysia said that this NSS plan will also boost a number of technology industries in the country, such as the development of electric vehicle technology and artificial intelligence. It's no secret that these two technology sectors are the main drivers of the high demand for global semiconductor chips right now.

For Siemens, their priority is to develop R&D equipment and sustainable semiconductor chip manufacturing, digitization and factory automation and also develop efficient infrastructure in terms of electricity, water and so on.

For example, the Facility Monitoring and Control System integrates all factory controls in one platform, promising a high manufacturing productivity rate, as well as ensuring that the energy, water and carbon footprint of any of their facilities is at a low and controlled level.

In the meantime, the automation technology offered by Siemens also comes with a predictive maintenance feature that uses data, scanners and AI to estimate the system maintenance time that needs to be done to ensure factories operate at an optimal rate.

Siemens' participation at Semicon SEA 2024 underlines their commitment to support the Malaysian semiconductor industry through innovation, sustainability and workforce development.

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