NVIDIA Overtakes Microsoft As World's Most Valuable Company

NVIDIA this morning surpassed Microsoft to become the company with the highest market value in the world. NVIDIA's market value at the time of writing is $3.335 trillion (~RM 15.68 trillion) which is higher than Microsoft ($3.317 trillion) and Apple ($3.285 trillion). These three companies remain companies with a market value of more than $3 trillion.

Just a week ago Apple overtook Microsoft as the company with the highest market value buoyed by positive post-WWDC sentiment. Microsoft is then back on top as the first Copilot+ PC will launch this week.

NVIDIA shares have soared over the past year due to high demand for their chips and GPUs which currently dominate over 90% of the artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator market. Although the stock is rising, there are some who see it as an "AI bubble" that will burst like the dot com bubble more than 20 years ago.

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