NVIDIA To Sell 3.76 Million Data Center GPUs By 2023 – Holds 98 Percent Of AI GPU Market

2023 is the year in which the demand for artificial intelligence processing power has soared at a very rapid rate. NVIDIA in particular, through their DGX H100 adicomputer shows quite a high demand, so much so that their graphics processor inventory does not cover the mountain demand by various AI technology development companies.

NVIDIA's latest financial report shows that in 2023, the company has sold 3.76 million data center GPUs consisting of DGX H100 and A100. This number of sales is not surprising, especially when companies such as OpenAI, Stability AI and so on use NVIDIA GPUs for machine learning and inference processing purposes for their AI services.

According to an HPCwire report, NVIDIA's data center graphics card sales are so high that the brand now holds 98 percent of the AI ​​GPU market, although Intel and AMD are also coming up with their own data center graphics card offerings such as Intel Gaudi and AMD Instinct.

Despite this, it is also reported that until now, the demand for AI processing components is still high and insufficient, even though NVIDIA has introduced the B100 and B200 data center graphics cards that use their latest NVIDIA Blackwell graphics chips.

It is expected that the demand for such processing power will increase from quarter to quarter throughout this financial year with how rapidly AI technology is being developed now.

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