Oppo Will Offer AI Features On All Their Smartphone Series

Oppo today announced that they will offer AI features on all their devices under the Find, Reno, F and A series. Their commitment was announced at an event in London today.

With this Oppo aims to have the AI ​​feature accessible on more than 50 million of their devices by the end of 2024. Last month Oppo started offering the Oppo AI Eraser feature on the Reno11 series worldwide. It intelligently deletes the elements in the picture selected by the user. According to Oppo, on average OPPO AI Eraser is used 15 times a day by owners of supported devices.

This step taken by Oppo should be followed by other manufacturers to democratize AI features for all. If a feature like this is truly a transformative feature, then all classes of devices should be given the same functionality and not just limited to class devices.

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